We educate our children to be happy, enthusiastic and diligent learners

Craighall Primary School has a strong tradition of active participation from all stakeholders (children, parents and staff) and has been at the forefront of educational opportunities since its opening in 1918.

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We educate our children to be happy, enthusiastic and diligent learners who are valued for their individuality. We encourage engagement, self – reliance, responsibility and independence and promote the development of the whole child through strong curricular programmes and a large variety of extra-curricular opportunities. The holistic approach is reflected in our motto, vision and mission, which lie at the heart of what CPS stands for.
All of our teaching and learning is based on the foundation of values such as; integrity, trust, respect, compassion, acceptance, optimism, team work, commitment and care.

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Craighall Academic Information

Promotion Requirements

Find out everything you need to know regarding our Promotional Requirements from formal assessments achievements to individual subjects.


English is the medium of instruction at Craighall Primary. We follow the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) initiative as prescribed by the Minister of Education in 2012.

Knowledge Network

This is a project based, goal oriented and outcomes based integrated Information Technology Learning System. Every class from Grade 1-7 has a one-hour lesson per week.

Our School

A brief history of our school

Although now very different in appearance the Johannesburg suburbs of Blairgowrie and Craighall spring from the same source, the land was once owned by William Grey Rattray. He came to South Africa from Scotland in the late 1870s.
In 1893 he bought a hostelry, which was to become the Craighall Park Hotel, and vast stretches of land around it. He named parts of this area Blairgowrie and Dunkeld, after towns near his Scottish home in Perthshire and Craighall after his ancestral seat.
Photographs in the Africana library show that the old hotel, then on the rise in Westminster Drive, was a beautiful place. There was a cricket field in the grounds, where Rattray liked to organise matches. Below the hotel he dammed the river to form a lake for boating and trout fishing.
In an old map, the river at the bottom of Craighall, is incorrectly named the “ Yousskei” river, but in fact, the river is the continuation of the Braamfontein Spriut.

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The children participate in long distance events (400m and 800m), 80m sprints and relays.


Boys and girls alike are encouraged to take part in soccer. The season takes place during the second term.


We are currently in the B league for swimming. Our children continue to do very well.


Over 50 boys participate in rugby and we take part in the Johannesburg Primary Schools Rugby Association.


Sports We Offer

Extra-mural’ refers broadly to those learning/development activities that take place in the time and space beyond the classroom-based, school timetable. Most typically this is in the afternoons after formal class but can also comprise early mornings (e.g. morning swimming, choir and public speaking) as well as breaks, nights, weekends, and holidays.

‘Extra-mural’ literally means ‘beyond the walls’. Extra-murals are therefore significantly more than traditionally associated ‘sports and clubs’.


Parents Making a difference

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays an active and extremely supportive role at Craighall Primary. It does a lot of fundraising at the school which is absolutely vital for the upkeep of the school and our special projects.

All parents are encouraged to join the PTA and, by getting involved, they become acquainted with the staff, parents & the running of the school. All PTA events include the participation of the children and their families, to foster a community spirit of community and pride in the school.

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