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Extra-mural’ refers broadly to those learning/development activities that take place in the time and space beyond the classroom-based, school timetable. Most typically this is in the afternoons after formal class but can also comprise early mornings (e.g. morning swimming, choir and public speaking) as well as breaks, nights, weekends, and holidays. ‘Extra-mural’ literally means ‘beyond the walls’. Extra-murals are therefore significantly more than traditionally associated ‘sports and clubs’.

Extra-murals are key to a balanced curriculum, healthy lifestyles, an enhanced school experience, and promote personal, social, and community development. They include a wide range of activities and provide safe and healthy spaces, improve academic achievement, and trigger positive change in young lives.

Good sportsmanship provides guidelines that can be generalized to classroom and lifelong achievement. Participation in challenging sports activities teaches children to love classroom challenge. It also teaches children to function in a competitive society.

Our society is competitive, and we should teach our children to function in competition and how to both win and lose. Children must learn that winning and losing are both temporary, and that they can't give up or quit. Learning to become a team player is also important.

The world of sports mirrors how one can play the game of school and life. Good athletes stay in the game and play their best even when they are losing. They know they will win some and lose some. They discipline themselves. They practice with grueling regularity the necessary skills for their sport. Education, life accomplishments and creative contributions involve similar perseverance and self-discipline.

Over 60 children participate in the athletics team and the team is currently in the B league. The children participate in long distance events (400m and 800m), 80m sprints and relays. Children from grade 1-7 are encouraged to attend.

Cricket takes place in terms one and four. We have teams from u9 through to the Commonwealth team. We have fielding practice as well as specialised net practice. We form part of the ‘KFC mini cricket’ league hosted by Rosebank; this allows our grade 1s and 2s to develop a love for the sport.

We have about 35 children who participate in cross country. We form part of the Northern Cluster District. Many of the children ran very pleasing times this year. The children run long distances, which takes a lot of motivation and determination.

We have 6 teams, a boys and a girls team for u9, u11 and opens. We form part of the D9 hockey group. Pre-season training starts in the second term to prepare everyone for matches in term three. In the last year, the interest in hockey has grown tremendously. We have over 90 children who participate currently.

Mini tennis occurs throughout the whole year. We encourage all of our Grade 1 and 2 boys and girls to participate in this. During mini tennis they learn basic ball skills and begin to learn foundational skills for the game of tennis.

We offer rugby to the children from u9 onwards. Over 50 boys participate in rugby and we take part in the Johannesburg Primary Schools Rugby Association. We have pre-season training in the second term to prepare for the actual season in third term. Our fixtures fall on a Saturday at various venues.

Boys and girls alike are encouraged to take part in soccer. The season takes place during the second term. We are able to field two teams per age group from u9 right through to u14s. We have junior soccer which also takes place in the second term which allows for our u7 and u8 children to gain exposure to soccer and develop skills needed later on. We have u11 and open girls’ teams which compete in their own league.

We are currently in the B league for swimming. Our children continue to do very well. We won every gala in the first term. We have over 60 children who participate in the swimming team.

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