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Knowledge Network® is a project based, goal oriented and outcomes based integrated Information Technology Learning System. Every class from Grade 1-7 has a one-hour lesson per week. Each module consists of approx 8 sessions per term. Each session is developed, researched and fully tested, fun and challenging on different levels of complexity to accommodate the different levels of learners. The term ends with a Skills Evaluation session to consolidate learning for learners from Grade 5-7. An external examination is written at the end of the year. Learners in Grade 4-7 who achieve 70% and above in their year-end assessments receive certificates from Knowledge Network ® for successful completion of their respective levels.

Learners are assessed for every project completed. Projects are then printed and filed and files are sent home every term for parents to take a look. A fun and exciting Computer Club is offered for all learners as an extramural. Click here to download PDF on Knowledge Network®
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